07 September 2010

Feeds I follow v2

Back in January, I made a list of the 200+ feeds I was following. Time to update it. Reading all of the 200+ feeds took me too much time and I could not keep up with the reading every day, so I am now down to 99 feeds. I am open to any suggestion :-)

Burning NorthCenter for Computer Games & Virtual Worlds
flickeringcolours v2Game Balance Concepts
Mitu.nuTeaching Game Design
The LudologistLudicwrath | Exploring Ludology
Penny ArcadeVirtual Shackles
Game Design AdvanceLook In The Air
Metaverse LawScienceDaily: Video Game News
ScienceDaily: Virtual Reality NewsVirtual Economy Research Network
AntipwnBroken Toys
Elder GameGame Design Aspect of the Month
Mobhunter.comTradeskill Perspectives
Virtual GunmenWolfshead Online
Derek's Blog on Games, Home Theater and ProgrammingMeasuring Gameplay - article
Of Course I'll Play It!Psychochild's Blog
Scott Hartsman - Off the RecordT=Machine - MMOG development
Double BufferedGaffer on Games
Gamasutra Feature ArticlesGamasutra.com - Expert Blogs
Game AI for DevelopersGameDev.net - Latest Articles and Columns
JakeWorld!PlayNoEvil Game Security News & Analysis
Kotaku: TopMassively
The Escapist : ColumnsCreating Living Online Worlds
A ding worldBlessing of Kings
Stropp's WorldThat's a Terrible Idea
The Border HouseThe Pink Pigtail Inn
Uploads by TheDoddlerGame in Society
Games and Culture OnlineFirst ArticlesGames and Culture recent issues
Many-to-ManyPARC PlayOn 2.0
Psy et Geek ;-)Terra Nova
The Psychology of Video GamesVirtual Cultures
Eating BeesEmergent Future
Massive Guys on Massive GamesNerfbat
The Mod Squad. Blog.Chungking Espresso
Critical DistancePopMatters: Moving Pixels
The Brainy GamerDernières actualités business - JeuxOnLine
edge online keynotesGamesIndustry.biz - News
A Tree Falling in the ForestGame Tycoon
MMO TidbitsReality Panic
Virtual Goods InsiderFluxblog
The Big PictureApplied Game Design
SirlinClick Nothing
FullbrightGame Design Aspect of the Month
Game of Designihobo
Lost GardenMagical Wasteland
Mike Darga's Game Design BlogOnline Alchemy
Pixel Popperspost-hype
Raph's Website - Game talkThe Bottom Feeder
Information Is Beautiful

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