17 September 2010

Open source MMOG and VW servers

Current MMOG clients are usually thick clients. Hence, programmers just need to emulate the server side of an MMOG. Here are several projects that could be worth looking at.

MMOG Project name Active since Programing language(s) Client Particularities
EverQuest EQclassic (no public sources) Early 2009 C++ Based on EQ Trilogy (second expansion) From scratch
EQEmulator (SVN) August 2003 C++ Latest EQ client The EQEmu test server is one of the biggest private servers
EverQuest 2 EQ2Emulator (SVN) July 2007 C++ ? -
Lineage 2 L2Jserver (SVN) June 2004 Java ? -
Ragnarök Online eAthena (SVN) 2003 C Latest official or custom-hacked (XRAY) RO client -
Helios Emu (SVN) June 2006 Delphi ? inactive?
- Red Dwarf (SVN) 2007 Java ? Forked in February 2010 from Project Darkstar, originally from SUN
Ryzom Ryzom Core (SVN) at least 2004 C++ both client and server became open source in May 2010
Second Life Open Sim (Sources, SVN, forge) 2007? C# Latest SL viewer? allows many different viewers, hypergrid, IBM collaboration
Star Wars Galaxy SWGEmu (SVN) December 2007 C++ ? -
Ultima Online UOX3 (packs) October 1997 (inactive now) C++ ? many forkings
World of Warcraft Arcemu (SVN) June 2008 Lua and C++ Latest WoW client? both branched from AscentEmu, but I can not find its source code
Mangos (SVN) September 2005 C and C++ Latest WoW client?

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