06 January 2010

Sources of information

Getting meta

I try to read as much as I can in the MMOG area and bundle similar sources together in my posts. As Seth Godin wrote in Getting Meta, on the Internet, there is too much information compared to the number of places giving you links to the information you want. And there are even less places where you can find comments on links talking about what you want. Here is an example. You may want to know about community management in MMOG. Actually, wikipedia writes that community management is the functional control of systems by communities or their representatives. This definition is fine, but if you are a community manager, you may want to know more than just what community management is. You may obviously want to know what each interesting web site writes about community management, compare the ideas they give, etc.

On my blog, if you click on the "community management" tag in the tag cloud, you will go on this page which contains posts, each post containing ideas and links about a specific aspect of community management such as Charismatic Developers and the role they could have in community management or ideas of real-life events to develop a community thanks to its players. I do not pretend that everything of interest concerning community management (for example), is mentioned in my blog. If it was the case, I would not have to post anymore in that area. I am just trying to be exhaustive. I also do not pretend I am writing top-notch articles simply because I bundle relevant ideas together, but I try to be interesting. After all, I want to be read :-)

RSS feeds

Before I find a better (and smarter) way to display them, here are the feeds I currently try to follow. To get this result, I used a e4x script on the .ODML file exported by FeedDemon.

FeedDemon Subscriptions - version of Thu, 21 Jan 2010 23:25:05 GMT


Business and mgmt


Community Mgmt

Game Design

Game Dev Blogs

Game Dev Mags

Game Industry Mags

Gamer Blogs

Gamer Blogs II

Gamer Mags

Media and Society

Mgmt and Marketing Games

MMO devs

MMO Game Design

MMO Gamer Blogs

MMO Gamer Blogs II

MMO Gamer Mags

Play this game

RO players


WoW players

PS: I will keep updating this post as things will evolve. Feel free to tell me about a blog you find interesting and I should read, about researchers in the MMO area I have not mentioned, or magazines I could have forgotten.

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