14 April 2012

FPS, RTS, and fighting playstyles

Summaries of player types from gamerdna.com. Even though there is no scientific basis in those types, they show various types of gameplay and players to keep in mind when designing a game.

Multiplayer FPS playstyles

Support sniper protecting critical places or healer/supplier.
Commander strategist, guide.
Recon strike when least expected. Crafty, fast, sneaky, behind enemy lines.
Shock Trooper frontal attack

RTS playstyles

Rusher fast, micromanagement, keyboard shortcuts, predict and counter-attack opponent
Strategist thinker more than a doer, big picture, game knowledge
Turtle build a fortress/maze. Max out the tech tree and prepare a big explosion to win.
Commander playful curiosity over optimality.

Fighting playstyles

Tactician thinking, mastering characters, out-maneuvering the opponent
Speed Demon quick, keep out of harm's way
Brute massive force
Loose Cannon unpredictable, go with the flow, take advantage of openings

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to write all of this up. As a game design major, it can be a real pain trying to find detailed information on the game design process. So much of it is either to vague or two specific to be of any practical value. Again, thanks alot.


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