04 August 2014

Mobile crap - poor English

This series of articles is a rant about mobile game design. It may extend to console and PC gaming, but I only talk about what I experienced through most games featured on the iPad app store in the past year or so.

Not much to say here. Among the many bad-English apps, I only mention the most recent ones. Dungeon Hearts is sometimes Engrish, sometimes poor English with typos. It's odd because its single American developer seems able to speak proper English. Maybe something to do with the publisher? Puzzle and Dragons is half Engrish, half poor English. I expected a big company like Gung Ho to hire professional translators, but apparently not. The dialogs and the story in the Korean game Mother of Myth seem to have been written by a ten year-old kid. It's just terrible.

Most of the poor-English apps I have seen come from Asia. They have great graphics and art, but lack polish on their dialogs and menus, as mentioned in player reviews. It might be a good idea to invest in a copywriter for the ads, and a professional reviewer, or at least a native speaker, for the in-game content.

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