30 November 2010

Local LambdaMOO on Windows

Instructions to set up the server:

  • Get WinMOO and extract it
  • Save the LambdaCore database in the WinMOO folder
  • Open command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd), go to your WinMOO folder and enter:
    WinMOO.exe LambdaCore-latest.db LambdaCore-latest.db 23
  • Server should say LISTEN: #0 now listening on port 8888
  • To shut it down, ctrl+C

Connecting to the server:

  • Launch putty: hostname=, connection type=Telnet, port=23
  • Type connect wizard to log in as a wizard (= Game Master)
  • That's it. To say something, type say blablabla. help works as well. @create makes creating items with scripts possible.

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