20 October 2010

List of conferences and journals

Based on the ACM library and several links, here is a list of current conferences, workshops and journals dealing with games. It is not totally complete, but covers a wide spectrum: from software engineering, databases and networking (tech) to game design (GD), sociology and anthropology (soc), game studies and humanities (hum), and arts (art). Also, some acceptance rates have been collected by professors for the areas of computational intelligence, networking, software engineering and database.

NameFull nameRateDomainNotesSociety
DIMEADigital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts -tech2008, incorporated into ACE-
DISIODIstributed SImulation & Online gaming-techworkshopICST
FSEFoundations of Software Engineering18%techalso named SIGSOFTACM
GDCGame Developer Conference-tech|GDindustry-orientedGDC
GlobeInternational Conference on Data Management in Grid and P2P Systems-tech--
ICSEInternational Conference on Software Engineering14%tech-ACM/IEEE
IJCGTInternational Journal of Computer Games Technology-tech-Hindawi
IMSAAInternet Multimedia Systems Architecture and Applications-tech-IEEE
MMVEMassively Multiuser Virtual Environments-techworkshopACM
MMTAMultimedia Tools and Applications-tech2010, online journalSpringer
NetGamesNetGames40%tech2008, 2009, 2010ACM
NIMENetworking Issues in Multimedia Entertainment-techworkshopIEEE
NSDIUSENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design & Implementation19%techpart of SIGCOMMACM
OOPSLArenamed into SPLASH27%techsee SPLASHACM
P2PPeer-to-Peer (IEEE)20%tech2008, 2009IEEE
P2PNVEPeer-to-Peer Network Virtual Environments-tech2008, 2009-
NOSSDAVNetwork and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video37%techworkshop, paper listACM
SIGCOMMSpecial Interest Group on Data Communication10%techpaper listACM
SIGMMSIGMM conference on Multimedia systems17%tech-ACM
SIGMODSpecial Interest Group on Management Of Data20%tech-ACM
SPLASHSystems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity27%techused to be OOPSLAACM
TCIAIGTransactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games-tech-IEEE
TOMCAPTransactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications-tech-ACM
TOITTransactions on Internet Technology-tech-ACM
TOSEMTransactions on Software Engineering and Methodology-tech-ACM
VLDBVery Large DataBase-techarchivesACM
VRCAIVirtual-Reality Continuum and its Applications in Industry-tech-ACM
NameFull nameRateDomainNotesSociety
ACEAdvances in Computer Entertainment Technology-tech|socconference that gets published in CIE, EntCom and IJART
incorporates NetGames and DIMEA
2007, 2008, 2010
CIEComputers in Entertainment-tech|socjournal, paper listACM
CIGComputational intelligence and games49%tech2010IEEE
EntComEntertainment computing-tech|socjournalElsevier
FAGFun and Games36%tech|soc|GDbiannualACM
FDGFoundations for Digital Games FDG30%tech|soc|GDconference and workshop papersACM
GICGames Innovations Conference-tech|socpapersIEEE
IGICInternational Games Innovation Conferencetech|soc|GDIEEE
ITSInternet Technologies & Society-tech|soc-IADIS
VRVirtual Reality-tech|soc-IEEE
NameFull nameRateDomainNotesSociety
DiGRADigital Games Research Association-soc|hum|GDlibrary, biannual?DiGRA
EludamosEludamos, Journal for Computer Game Culture-soc|humonline journal, biannual-
FMFirst Monday-soconline journalself-pub
GACGames And Culture-soc|humonline journal, long review processSagePub
Game studiesthe international journal of computer game research-soc|GDonline journal, once or twice issues per year-
IJARTInternational Journal of Arts and Technology-art-Inderscience
JGVWJournal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds-soconline journalIntellect
JVWRJournal of Virtual World Research-soconline journalself-pub
LoadingLoading... the Journal of the Canadian Games Studies-soc|hum|GDonline journal-
SAGSimulation and Gaming-soconline journalSagePub

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